The most active influencer of Nepal, Sandesh Lamsal is achieving a great success in social media.

Sandesh Lamsal ( सन्देश लम्साल ) who was born in Dang district of Nepal on August 17, 1994, currently stays in St. Petersburg, Russia. He went to Russia in 2015 for studies after receiving a scholarship from the Russian government in MBBS. He is not only a student and professional Taekwondo player, but also The Representative of Nepal in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. He has formed a team of students to represent Nepal in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. He has also organized many programs in Russia for the promotion of Nepali culture and tourism.

Sandesh believes that even if you are in abroad, your love for your country will not diminish. He is now actively working on various social media platforms. He is a social media influencer, taekwondo 2 dan blackbelt, international volunteer and blogger, as well as a medical student and a representative of Nepal in the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

Appealing to audiences around the world, he has been posting various contents on social media, including transition, acting, sports, health and beauty tips, and lip sync videos. He has a big fan base on Tiktok, Likee, Hello, Tangi, Instagram, Amazon, Moz, etc., which are considered to be the most successful social networks in recent time. Most of his social networks have even been verified. He has also created several videos on the topics such as social awareness, personality development and public welfare. A lot of his videos, on which he has worked with many Indian famous artists, have been shared by the popular Bollywood stars also.

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I am Sandesh Lamsal - a doctor, influencer, diplomat, sportsman and volunteer from Nepal. 

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